About me: the grey eyed girl

In addition to being a grey eyed girl, Charis is a geeky, crafty, bookish sort of girl. She likes to makes things and show them to the internet–this blog is her special corner of awesome.

Watch this space for all manner of crafts, cookery, and creative party planning!

§ 4 Responses to About me: the grey eyed girl

  • Anonymous says:

    your beautiful.

  • :-/ I wish you could come and throw me a beauty and the best birthday party next month.

    …Yes I’m going to be 27…and some would consider that too old. But I don’t particularly care about that fact.

    Your cupcake wrappers are so pretty and I would completley just screw them up.


    Anyways. You are fabulous.

  • Julia says:

    I loved you cupcakes today they where sooo yummy

    • Julia and I both enjoyed your wonderful treats. I hope the Remington Craft Fair was a blessing for all of your hard work. Having your family support you is a wonderful gift. Your brother is a great sells person, don’t let him get away.

      Brand Peek
      Tempting Tan

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