We’re All Mad Here: A Tea Party

June 25, 2011 § 125 Comments

Hi everyone! Well, as usual I’m behind on everything, but I thought I’d log on to….

…did you hear a rustle in the grass?

A white rabbit! He seems to be in an awful hurry, too.  Let’s see where he’s going…

Well, goodness gracious. This must be Wonderland. And what’s this? A stylish party in the sunshine? And plenty of teacups to go around? And you’re all invited? Excellent! (I knew it all along)

May I introduce the honorable tea pots? They’re an essential part of the proceedings at a tea party, you know.

Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, how do you do?

Perhaps you’d like to stop and paint the roses? I see that they aren’t quite finished…

Would you like some nibbles?

These may look like fancy tarts, but they’re actually PB&(s)J–peanut butter & strawberry jam sandwiches!

As you can see, in Wonderland we like to play with our food. Chess is much harder when people keep eating parts of the board!

Perhaps a cupcake? No? Ah, I know what you really want…

You want a slice of cake! But Wonderland is no ordinary place, you know, and this is no ordinary cake…

 It’s a chessboard cake! Only appropriate on this side of the looking glass, you know.

Thank you for coming to my tea party! There will be some behind-the-scenes details and tutorials coming soon! In the meantime you can find more tea parties to attend by checking out the blogroll at A Fanciful Twist.

Special thanks to my Papa and my sister Melody, who helped fight the odds to make these pictures happen!  Papa made me a custom tray for my chessboard and put the legs back on my table, and Melody helped carry everything and stepped in for the role of Young Lady in White Dress.  <3!



§ 125 Responses to We’re All Mad Here: A Tea Party

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