Craft Challenge 2011: This is for Melody!

June 30, 2011 § 3 Comments

Thank you so much to everyone to came to my Mad Tea Party! I’ll be posting Wonderland party tutorials soon, but before I do I have some unfinished business. From last month.

Remember my craft challenge project? Remember that May was for Melody? …Remember that May was over, um, a month ago?

Well, I made something for Melody!  And it’s thematically appropriate for the current run of posts!

Melody loves Alice in Wonderland, and collects different editions of the book as well as memorabilia–a few years ago I made her this doll, and last year I threw a Mad Tea Graduation Party for her–so naturally my first thought was to make something Alice for Melody.

So I painted an Alice kokeshi. I got the blank kokeshi doll from Temple7e on Etsy.

In one pocket Alice has a little bottle with a tag…

…and in the other she has a little slice of strawberry cake.
What do you think of her? I intentionally left her face blank…now I wonder if I should have given her features. What do you think?

We’re All Mad Here: A Tea Party

June 25, 2011 § 125 Comments

Hi everyone! Well, as usual I’m behind on everything, but I thought I’d log on to….

…did you hear a rustle in the grass?

A white rabbit! He seems to be in an awful hurry, too.  Let’s see where he’s going…

Well, goodness gracious. This must be Wonderland. And what’s this? A stylish party in the sunshine? And plenty of teacups to go around? And you’re all invited? Excellent! (I knew it all along)

May I introduce the honorable tea pots? They’re an essential part of the proceedings at a tea party, you know.

Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, how do you do?

Perhaps you’d like to stop and paint the roses? I see that they aren’t quite finished…

Would you like some nibbles?

These may look like fancy tarts, but they’re actually PB&(s)J–peanut butter & strawberry jam sandwiches!

As you can see, in Wonderland we like to play with our food. Chess is much harder when people keep eating parts of the board!

Perhaps a cupcake? No? Ah, I know what you really want…

You want a slice of cake! But Wonderland is no ordinary place, you know, and this is no ordinary cake…

 It’s a chessboard cake! Only appropriate on this side of the looking glass, you know.

Thank you for coming to my tea party! There will be some behind-the-scenes details and tutorials coming soon! In the meantime you can find more tea parties to attend by checking out the blogroll at A Fanciful Twist.

Special thanks to my Papa and my sister Melody, who helped fight the odds to make these pictures happen!  Papa made me a custom tray for my chessboard and put the legs back on my table, and Melody helped carry everything and stepped in for the role of Young Lady in White Dress.  <3!

May was for Melody!

June 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, I am the worst blog mom ever. I am far behind on this project, and despite my good intentions I do not have much in the way of posts for you, but in the meantime meet Melody!  It’s a month late, but better than never, right?

What is your name? Melody

Do you have a blog or website? Yes! and my less interesting photo-a-day:

What is your quest? To be the world’s youngest crazy cat lady and a bibliophibian (

What is your favorite color? Overall? Blue. I have never seen an ugly shade of blue. There are blues that I like less than others, but none that are ugly. I can’t think of a single other colour that has no ugly shades. My very favourite specific colour? There is one very particular shade of green that I love.

What is your life like at the moment? What do you do in a day? The semester is over so I am no longer in student mode. Now I’m sleeping in until I feel like getting up. Then I go in circles in the kitchen looking in the refrigerator and then the freezer and then the pantry and back to the refrigerator because food may have magically appeared while I was looking in the pantry. Eventually I find something to eat. Then I spend the day on the computer, reading, or watching TV. Sometimes I make up excuses to leave the house. Hopefully I will soon have a summer job (I applied at plenty of places). And on some evenings and Saturdays I have rehearsal for Anne of Green Gables at a local community theatre. It’s a very small part, but it feels great to be back in the theatre.

What is your creative outlet? Theatre. It’s so much fun to pretend to be other people. Plus the people (at least in my experience) are really awesome and fun times are had by all. Improv is definitely my favourite.

What have you been reading and/or watching lately? What is your current favorite thing to read or watch? I’ve been re-reading Anne of Green Gables to refresh it in my mind for the show and because going over the script reminded me of how much I love Anne and I wanted to spend more time with her. I also just started reading Good Omens. Right now my favourite thing to watch is the current season of Doctor Who, even though every episode makes me want to shake my fist at Steven “The Troll” Moffat.

What inspires you at the moment? I don’t know. I guess I don’t stop to think about what inspires me to do something. I just do things. Even I don’t know why I do half of the things that I do.

You’re Invited….

June 1, 2011 § 1 Comment


a grey eyed girl is participating in this year’s Mad Tea Party!  Last year I threw a Mad Tea Party for my sister’s graduation, and I’ve been dying to do it again (…on a slightly smaller scale!) ever since, so I’m very excited.  Here’s how the event works:

1) It’s hosted by A Fanciful Twist, which posts links to the participating blogs

2) The participating blogs each post about their own Mad Tea Party

3) Then on the day of the party everyone everyone gets to ‘blog surf’ and virtually attend all of the different parties

Sounds awesome, right?  So be watching this space and get out your best teacups and haberdashery, because on June 25th we’ll all be mad here!

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