March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I made Chocolate Tiramisu Cupcakes for my sister and brother-in-laws birthdays a little while ago, and ended up with a bit of extra batter.  Well, waste not, so I put it into a cake pan and baked it, and ended up with a thin little cake layer.

Hm, I thought.

I happened to have some cream cheese icing in the refrigerator, so it was the work of a moment to make tiny layer cakes:

I used a large biscuit cutter to cut circles out of the thin cake–I got four out of the 9in round easily–piped icing on them and stacked them up.  Easy as pie. Or cake. Whatever.

I gave them a drizzle of chocolate topping (which I also happened to have), and gave them a little extra dollop of icing on top.

For a little finishing touch I melted a handful of candy coating chocolates in a bag and piped out their initials–I tried to make them fairly thick, so that they’d be easier to pick up without breaking, and I did several of each letter, to make sure that I got a good one!


I love them.


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