How to make…fancy cupcake wrappers

October 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

I love all kinds of crafts, but I have a special weakness for costumes.  Dress-up was my favorite activity as a child, and it continues to be one of my favorite activities now–I always look forward to the renaissance faire and the chance to indulge my interest in historical clothing.  In high school and college I spent a lot of time in the theatre departments doing costume work.

So it’s not really surprising that when I wanted to make special wrappers for my Beauty and the Beast cupcakes, my inspiration came from the outfits in the film!  I couldn’t help myself.  I made six wrappers, four for Belle’s dresses and two for the Beast.  Here is how a few of them were made:

The wrapper inspired by Belle’s blue dress is the most basic, and calls for

–bright blue scrapbook paper

–the cupcake wrapper template for Belle’s dresses

–double sided tape

Print out the template and cut it out, then trace around it on your scrapbook paper and cut it out again.  Don’t lose the template! You’ll be using it again for the other dresses.

Mark the overlap–

Then tape the edges together, and voila!

Belle’s green dress, which she wears during the library scene (one of my favorite moments, of course–I would fall in love with anyone who gave me that library), is a little more complicated.  You will need

–dark green scrapbook paper

–lighter green tissue paper

–double stick tape

–the cupcake wrapper template for Belle’s dresses

You’ll use the Green Dress template for the scrapbook paper, and the Basic Template (the one you just used for the Blue Dress) for the tissue paper

And then just apply double sided tape to the back of the scrapbook paper, and lay it on top of the tissue paper

Then just wrap it around and secure the ends together, and voila!

Belle’s pink dress is more complicated than her other two, but I think it’s absolutely worth it–it’s soft and sweet looking and to make it you will need

–rose pink scrapbook paper

–lighter pink tissue paper

–narrow light pink ribbon

–double sided tape


–the cupcake wrapper template for Belle’s dresses

Use the Pink Dress template to cut out one shape from the scrapbook paper, and then cut the Basic Template out three times out of tissue paper.  Use the template to mark the placement of the ribbons on the scrapbook paper

Just make little pencil marks on the edge of the piece–this is the back side, and the ribbon will cover it anyway.  Cut short pieces of your ribbon and wrap them around the paper, securing with glue (make sure you use a glue that will dry clear! and I actually used my double sided tape, but glue might be simpler).

Now here comes the tricky part–the ruffle.  Apply double sided tape to the back of the wrapper, so that it’s pretty thoroughly covered.  Then take one of the tissue paper pieces you cut out, line the edge of it up with the scrapbook paper, and press down about a quarter of an inch.  Then fold it back for a bit, and then forward again, so that another quarter of an inch is stuck down, then fold it back a bit, and repeat–this is hard to explain, so perhaps a visual will help!

When you get to the end of one piece of tissue paper just keep going with a second piece, continuing to make your pleats until you get all the way across the wrapper.  If you get to the end and you have extra tissue paper, just trim it off–if you’re a little short, just cut another piece.  It’s not an exact science…

You may find that the top edge of your ruffle is a bit…uneven.  I found that it was much easier not to worry about keeping the top edge even while you were making the pleats–instead it’s much simpler to just trim the top edge after the fact, and voila!


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