October 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Welcome to my blog!

It’s brand new, and it is shiny and lovely and probably has some kinks, but it’s my very own.  I’m putting out a welcome mat and hanging curtains.  I will stay until the wind changes, I expect.

What is the point of this place?

This is a place for me to celebrate my creative side.  I seem to spend a lot of time thinking ‘oh, that would be a good idea!’ and never using that idea, because I didn’t have an excuse.  This is an excuse.  This is motivation.  You might even call this a self-perpetuating monster, but that might hurt its feelings…

This blog also exists because I decided that I wanted to be part of the cycle.  I read a lot of blogs–book blogs, humorous blogs, thoughtful blogs, wedding blogs, parenting blogs (those last two are not at all relevant to me but are so fascinating), cooking blogs, craft blogs–and they all inspire me.  They make me want to try new things, to put a little extra into making things around me special, to take better pictures, and while my creativity doesn’t have much room to grow in some areas of my life my blog reading keeps the creative spark alive and makes it easier to spend my eight hours a day at a desk daydreaming about crafting instead of beating my head on that same desk.  And if blogging can do me so much good, then perhaps I can do some good as well–it’s worth a shot, anyway.

I may not be any good at craft blogging.  This project may be a failure.  But if it does work out–well, then I’ll become an internet celebrity, and go on Martha Stewart, and then take over the world. Shazam.

…that probably won’t happen.  But if you enjoy reading this, and it inspires your creativity, then that’s almost as good.


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